Archery develops fun, friendships, character, concentration, and focus. Archery is one way to help prepare our children for success in life. It is our hope and anticipation that we at D&G Family Archery Range will reach into our community and surrounding areas to be a part of achieving these goals.

We greatly anticipate this will include archers wishing to hone their skills for hunting season. We look forward to and welcome you into the D&G Archery Range family.

D&G Family Archery Range is located in an awe inspiring country spot between 5 quaint friendly villages; paved highway the whole way.

Firearms is a passion of Darren’s and a huge part of our store since 2017.   Since he has been eagerly developing his knowledge of firearms since age 10, he has a natural skill in understanding complications and fixing them.  Remembering who has what firearm, he often helps clients find the firearm of their dreams.

Interesting fact:  Did you know hunters are among the biggest animal lovers in the world.  I, Gloria, have noticed since working here & hearing the stories, how a hunter often misses his/her mark not because they fail in marksmanship but because they stand in awe of this beautiful creature.

Finally, to understand who we really are, you must know we appreciate dearly each client that comes in to our store, that shoots at our range, that asks for service on their bow or firearm.  Thank you from the bottom…and the top and middle of our hearts!


Our Services

We have a year round, indoor archery range. You can bring your own gear or rent ours.

We sell new archery and firearm equipment out of our on site store & online.

We service your archery and firearm equipment to ensure it is in top form.


STORE (and RANGE, except during lessons)

During Covid 19, we offer curb side service if you call 204-326-6247.

The STORE & both the Out door & Indoor RANGES are OPEN.  You are welcome inside

Monday, Tues, Thurs, Friday 1pm – 9pm

Wednesday: 1-7pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm


Covid 19 guidelines:

  • Only 5 archers max on Indoor Range; 8 on Outdoor Range
  • Call to reserve your spot even if same day reservation
  • 6 feet apart on range & in store
  • We disinfect product & wash our hands continuously
  • There is disinfectant at the counter for your convenience
  • All rented bows & equipment are disinfected after each client’s use
  • Instructors wear PVC face protectors and gloves depending where 6′ distance cannot be maintained


We are once again starting lessons, however, we will be following Covid 19 rules.  Our instructors will be wearing masks and gloves during lessons. Social distancing will be required.

Eight 1-hr lessons once per week, including bow rental if needed.

$99.00+ taxes for the first archer

$79.00+ taxes for each additional family member

For private lessons please contact us for an appointment.  $90/1 hour one-on-one training.


Out or Indoor Range Hourly Rate (1st hr) – $9.00 (11 & under 1/2 price).  Additional Hour – $5.00.

Indoor Bow Rental – $8.00.

Indoor Monthly Pass – $89.00; SALE 39.95.  Indoor Family Monthly Pass – $270.00; SALE 99.95.

40cm OR 3-bulls-eye Paper Targets – $0.50


– $10.50 each archer per hour (includes equipment).
– 7 to 14 archers needed to reserve ½ of the range.  Max 5 during covid-19.
– 14 to 28 archers needed to reserve the full range.  Max 5 during covid-19.
– During covid-19, also call before you come to confirm there is space available or just show up. 204-326-6247


We plan to be closed on Statutory Holidays. However, we may make exceptions. Please see the calendar above or call ahead to confirm.


Our 4,200 square foot facility includes a year round, indoor archery range with up to 20 yards of shooting distance and a sitting area for spectators.

NEW – OUTDOOR ARCHERY RANGES up to 100m; regular targets set at 30,50, 70 years. Now open, well mowed, beautiful background.  3D Targets set up at varying distances.

We have a store on site where we sell a wide range of archery equipment, firearms, and accessories. Already own equipment? We also service archery equipment and firearms at our shop.


Please review our Range Rules document to familiarize yourself with proper procedures prior to using our range. Click on the link below to view the document.